International Growers Standards Organization (known as “IGSO”) is an NGO to establish an accreditation plan for growers in Hong Kong and overseas, to provide the public with an objective way to understand the standards of agricultural products; any counterfeit, fake labels, unauthorized planting methods, etc., are to be stopped as much as possible. IGSO sets standards for the development of knowledge, training, education, and experience required for the cultivation of agricultural foods, and provides assistance and services to growers around the world. Create an open and fair market for the public to certify quality agricultural products.


IGSO’s mission is to not only preserve or protect you as Good Growers, but also to separate you from the short-sighted Growers and we will magnify our belief and influence for those newly joining our industry as well. With the help of China Government and Hong Kong Government policy it soon will be a more thriving precondition for IGSO’s mission and for you.

  • Counterfeit
  • Unauthorized access of breeding
  • Excessive use of pesticides
  • Fake labeling
  • Misleading
  • Open / high transparency market
  • Fair trade market
  • Sustainable development
  • Issue correct information


Encourage, Reward, Reform, Unite, Benefit, Sustainable


We have travelled all over the world, and we have chosen good growers as our partners whose cultivation techniques are based on good planting methods. As long as they can earn stable and reasonable returns, they can continue to invest in orchards or R&D and guide them to grow more suitable, safe and delicious agricultural products, as long as their production costs are maintained, so that they can create consumption.


  • To establish an accreditation scheme for agri-food growers in Hong Kong and abroad, and provide members of the public with an objective means of knowing the standard of an agri-food grower
  • To formulate standards of knowledge, training, conduct and experience which are desirable in the practice of agri-food growing
  • To promote, support and encourage the development of quality agri-food growers and adoption of best practices in Hong Kong and abroad
  • To provide educational service in agri-food growing and to assist in giving of information or providing services relating to agri-food growing
  • To facilitate access to resources for accredited agri-food growers in Hong Kong or abroad

Good Growers Charter

  • Commit to a life of growing quality fruit with passion
  • Refuse to use unnecessary chemicals or hazardous pesticides
  • Be a good steward of the soil and environment
  • Always harvest fruit at peak quality and flavor, regardless of market conditions
  • Provide a positive workplace and sustainable wages for employees
  • Embrace the sustainable success of a strong supply chain to consistently deliver the best fruit to consumers
  • Continuously innovate and improve farming practices to maximize fruit quality
  • Be willing to share research and information with good growers all over the world
  • Adopt and enhance growing techniques from the previous generations and preserve such legacy for the future
  • Maintain a perspective of humility and balance when confronting nature’s cycles of adversity and opportunity