IGSO has developed the “Good Growers Charter” as a benchmark to evaluate growers’ performance and established a technical and monitoring committee composed of authoritative professionals to monitor the overall fulfillment and check whether agricultural products meet the standards. Certified growers will become “Good Growers”, and certified agricultural products represent excellent agricultural products.

Aims of International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO)

Certification of Growers

IGSO sets up a “Good Growers Charter” to evaluate against the performance of growers. Good Growers, depending on the accomplishment of the charter are divided into 3 different classes: 60%, 80% and 100% fulfillment.

Certification of Agricultural Products

IGSO sets up a Technical Board to govern the overall set up and review of standards for agricultural products. The standards for each agricultural product divided by origin are set up by relevant academics and industrial leaders together.