I. Company

CherryHill Orchards, a family owned and operated company, has been established in Australia for nearly 80 years. They are solely focused and passionate about producing the world’s best cherries and delivering them fresh to consumers around the world.CherryHill is already a third-generation business and the fourth generation is now learning the craft so that the growing techniques and legacy of the previous generations will continue. They have established orchards in a range of climatic regions including the Yarra Valley, the Murray Valley, and the Victorian Highlands to provide a longer cherry season producing perfectly ripe cherries.CherryHill offers the single longest cherry season in the southern hemisphere and produces a couple hundred tons of cherries every year. Their goal is to have the best cherries at every point in the season. They travel the world to find the best varieties, the latest innovation and techniques to ensure their cherries are world-class quality.

II. Founders and Owner

CherryHill began in 1940 when George Riseborough planted his first cherry trees in Victoria’s fertile Yarra Valley. Over the years, the family still proudly carries on this cherry growing tradition with diligence and passion to produce Australia’s finest cherries. Nearly forty years ago, Cliff Riseborough began travelling the world in search of new ideas and varieties, and the current generation and many others in the CherryHill team continue in this tradition that is important to their business.

Today, CherryHill is run by George’s grandsons, Glenn and Stephen Riseborough who have continued to grow the business into one of Australia’s leading cherry producers.

Cliff, George, Glenn, and Stephen Riseborough (from left to right)

Glenn, Cliff and Stephen Riseborough (from left to right)

III. CherryHill Farms

CherryHill Orchards grow over 30 different varieties of cherries at a number of locations around Victoria and New South Wales, allowing them to supply for the entire cherry season (late October – late February).

Practice of Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Cobram, Murray Valley

Tolmie Orchard, Victorian Highlands

IV. Mission and Vision

1. Unrelenting commitment to quality

CherryHill is committed to bringing their customers the freshest, most delicious cherries right through the season. The number one thing they always look for is flavour.

They do not intend to maximize profit by altering the normal growing rhythm of the fruit. Instead, they produce premium quality cherries by allowing well balanced trees to grow in the manner that they should be.

CherryHill also endeavours to research and develop natural agricultural techniques to improve fruit quality. They have developed friendships with many growers, breeders and other areas of their industry through sharing of research results and techniques. These relationships have borne many of the ideas that are fundamental to where Cherryhill is today.

2. Sustainable farming from the ground up

CherryHill is considerate to the ecological environment and do not exhaust the soil. They use the latest technology to sample their soil and ensure that all nutrients are present in their desired quantities. This also extends to their water use, which is very important to them in Australia.

Cherryhill is determined to only use chemical where necessary. Since they focus only on delivering cherries fresh by airfreight, they do not need to expose their cherries to extra chemicals to prolong storage life for seafreight voyages.

3. Consistently delivering premium products

CherryHill prioritises freshness through their distribution network from the packing facilities in the Yarra Valley through to their trusted retail and wholesale partners. They follow strict quality control processes and use the latest optical technology for size, colour, and defects.

Cherries being manually sorted on the line

Cherryhill 1kg cherry gift pack on the line

Cherries being evaluated by expert QC

V. Produce

Currently, they are involved in the 2 leading club varieties and series available in Australia

Bradfords Genetics – Sequoia® & Yosemite® series
Early Season varieties with strong eating characteristics

Summerland varieties – Staccato®
Latest maturing cherry currently available