IGSO Certification for certified retailers

As a neutral international city for agricultural trade, Hong Kong can import wide varieties of agricultural products from all over the world.  International Growers Standards Organization (“IGSO”), based in Hong Kong, aims to be an unbiased judge of agricultural product standards.

IGSO is implementing the “International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO) certified retailers” program to encourage more retailers to join, which can enhance consumers’ confidence in purchasing high-quality agricultural products and create a sustainable and healthy industry, strengthening Hong Kong’s position in food safety.

Mission and Vision

IGSO fosters an equitable, justice-oriented, open and transparent market environment in which consumers can enjoy high-quality agricultural products without worry or risk. It also certifies conscientious growers and other dedicated industry retailers through international standards, with the vision of promotion, return, innovation, reform, unity, benefit/satisfaction, and sustainability.

All retailers participating in the “International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO) certified retailers” programme need to set a good example, establish and maintain proper business practices, and display materials related to “International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO) certified retailers” in their shops, which can let consumers identify and enjoy the high-quality agricultural products of “conscientious growers” certified by International Growers Standards Organization (IGSO).

IGSO_Retailer badge_工作區域 1 複本

If you satisfy the following requirements...


Sell high-quality seasonal products only from reliable sources.


Refuse unhealthy market competition and encourage the sustainable development of Hong Kong’s fruit industry.


Ensure the spread of product information is reliable and accurate.


Committed to operating the fruit retailer shops in the long-run.


Be willing to listen to different opinions and strive to optimize customer service, increasing customers’ confidence in fruit products!


Keep up with the times by using advanced technologies for market expansion.


​Refuse to sell low-quality fruits, and say no to unprincipled or illegal behaviors for profit.


​Establish friendly relationships with other retailers in the industry, exchange ideas and help each other.


You are very likely to be certified by IGSO!