With advances in education and health, people everywhere are displaying an increased level of interest towards fruit consumption. This stems from awareness of their benefits, as well as, new varieties with different flavors, colors and shapes. Fruit are reclaiming their position as a core component of a daily diet.

IGSO is an independent and unbiased platform available to provide members with intelligent reports based on data cultivated from wholesale and retail markets. These snapshots show:
(1) consumer purchase behavior,
(2) quality control of your products to curb counterfeit and ensure that correct information is being shown
(3) price history of your merchandise versus that of a competitor

Further, our platform also allows for direct communication from customers, amongst other analytics.

Membership Program

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Membership Services

1. Daily Report:

Date and Weather Status;
Fruit market of  Shanghai and Jiangnan area in China;
Various kinds of fruits and agricultural products;
Different global brands, varieties and grade;
Packaging, size and weight;
Selling price, movement, and marks etc.

2. Weekly Report:

Date and Weather Status;
Fruit wholesale or retail market of Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shanghai or Beijing;
Various kinds of fruits and agricultural products;
Different global brands and varieties;
Packaging, size and weight;
Selling price, pictures, etc;
Detailed and specified reports upon requirement.

3. Quality Inspection Report:

Quality Inspection for shipping goods, wholesale or retail products;
Inspection record, percentage of defect type and summary of issues;
Inspection photos as proof and reference;
Special reports upon request.

Membership Terms

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  2. You can edit your profile, check your subscription record, upgrade, renew, cancel, and abandon to purchase another program at your Membership Dashboard.
  3. The daily reports will be updated within two business days (UTC+8) excluding the holidays of the corresponding wholesale fruit market. The content can be viewed on our website only for personal usage.
  4. The additional services will be valid and can be used within the term of program.
  5. Have any inquiries, requirements and problems, please feel free to contact us at
  6. We will contact you and follow up through the whole process once receiving your inquiry or requirement. All services relating to projects or programs are teamed up and handled by us. Any fulfillment or change of requirement will be fully documented and must be duly approved by us before actual implementation takes place.
  7. We reserve the right of final explanations and decisions.