We provide comprehensive integrated business solutions for agricultural growers and producers of agricultural products, fully assisting you in planning, executing and managing all aspects of agricultural business. By joining IGSO’s qualification certification, membership plan, technical support, professional consulting and value-added services, etc., growers effectively monitor quality, prevent counterfeiting, trace processes, market brands and products, expand business, manage customer relationships, analyze data and execute intelligent sustainable development.

The IGSO certification integrates the intelligent system of blockchain, digital internet of things, artificial intelligence and other technologies to protect the legitimate interests of growers in all aspects such as intellectual property rights, and prevent and combat counterfeiting and other illegal and inappropriate behaviors.

The IGSO technology system can quickly and conveniently record product and related information, in which to share accurate information, effectively track processes, manage and control business in real time and build an open, efficient and reliable platform environment.

Customized value-added services for products and brands, management of brand image and effective delivery of product information to enhance competitiveness.

Establish close and reliable connections with customers and consumers, enhance purchasing confidence and loyalty, optimize user experience, deepen interaction and participation and form a good reputation.

IGSO’s professional network can assist growers of high-quality agricultural products to expand their business and combine the online and offline distribution solutions of the platform system to expand market share.

Feedback and analysis data collected from the market provide wise business decision-making basis for project review, demand assessment, product development and precision marketing strategy.